Chemical Injection System

TCO Chemical Injection Systems are based on the high end i-Quip Technology Chemical Injection Devices. The first purpose built injection device was developed in 2001 and since then has been a benchmark for a wide variety of operators globally.



The HN-Series represents the most advanced conventional solution with a broad range of configurations. From a single compact barrier check valve to a modular dual or triple in line ISO 14310 V0 barrier qualified check valve system with the optional pre-installed HX Type modular rupture cartridge. The main purpose of the HN-Series valves is to create your primary seal between the production tubing and the injection line system supplying the chemicals for downhole chemical dosage and treatment.

All devices carry the option of being equipped with an externally testable hydraulic control line connection. The HN-Series device is designed for permanent installation into the TCO range of chemical injection mandrels.

The HN-Series Barrier Qualified Injection Check represents the highest level of integrity and is the first ever device purpose built for downhole chemical injection. Having over a decade in successful service, the HN-Series is the core barrier of all of the TCO special devices used for various fluid injection applications.


  • Single/Dual Check Valves
  • Special Triple Check Valves
  • Unique HX Type Rupture Cartridge
  • Qualified to Statoil TR2385
  • Optional Catch Screen Debris Filter
  • ISO 14310 V0 Barrier Qualified
  • High Temperature up to 260°C/500°F (model dependant)
  • High Pressure up to 15 000 psi (dependant on model and connection type used)
  • Testable System Integrity


  • HPHT Wells
  • Dual Check Valves, completes well barrier envelope
  • Retrofit to existing system